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Luke, 14 Jun 2021

Ordered at 20:02 and got told it would be £11 and half an hour. 21:22 I rang them to ask where it was. 21:40 came so I rang to cancel my order. Then got a phone call from the delivery driver telling me he was 2 minutes away and even after I said I’m sorry I have cancelled and I will not be paying for the food he said he will give it to me for free (probably for the delay and frustration). He insisted on coming to my house and still delivering the food. When he arrived he asked me for £12 which wasn’t the price I was told when I ordered. Ridiculous customer service and very poor manners.

Not Happy , 12 Jun 2021

1 hour and 10 minutes and still no order... this isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s not the weekend so surely wouldn’t be that busy so why does it take longer than 1 hour for my order to arrive and it be cold!? Ellie peacock

Ellie, 07 Jun 2021


Jenna, 07 Jun 2021

No Ham & Pineapple on my Ham & Pineapple pizza tasted like Salami, over cooked but was edable

Drew, 29 May 2021

Always nice food.

Matthew, 27 May 2021

usually happy with milanos, but they didn’t take payment and rang me at 11pm to ask if they could send someone to collect money. was not impressed as boyfriend and i both have work tomorrow and were in bed.

Ella, 23 May 2021

didn’t get the stuffed crust nor the pineapple

Chloe, 22 May 2021

Keep up the good work

Kirsty, 19 May 2021

Very very disappointed with the service! My order took 1hour 20mins not 45 mins to arrive and I had part of the order missing! Very disappointed.

Ellie, 17 May 2021


Steph, 14 May 2021

Easy to order

Kirsty, 14 May 2021

All food is nice, just chicken pharmezan is bad.

Tomasz, 08 May 2021

  Reply : Why Chicken Parmesan?

thank you nice food

Ludmila, 07 May 2021

Great food lovely milkshake. Thanks

Stephanie, 07 May 2021


Paid extra for Sweetcorn on a fungi pizza and there is 15 pieces of Sweetcorn! Ridiculous.

Jessica, 06 May 2021

Waited 1 1/2 hrs for food for it to turn up cold usually quiet good but disappointing on this occasion

Jimbob, 06 May 2021


Shannon, 26 Apr 2021

Nice food

Jenka, 22 Apr 2021

Really enjoyed our Milano’s, haven’t had one for a while. We were all pleased with our meal Thanks

Donna, 09 Apr 2021

Fast delivery and portions were very generous. Good work, Milanos

Adam, 08 Apr 2021

Delivery was very quick and portions were very generous. Perfect work, milanos.

Adam, 08 Apr 2021


Charlotte, 07 Apr 2021


Charlotte, 06 Apr 2021


Charlotte, 06 Apr 2021

I love the food from Milano but my pizza’s always seem to be a bit overdone. Not burned at all just a little too long in the oven so it looks rewarmed. That would be my only qualm but other than that I really enjoy the food from here.

Saffron, 05 Apr 2021